Question [Q] Feedback, bugs and feature requests for AOSP...

Does anyone know of a way to send feedback to the AOSP (Android OS) developer community?

I have been a Windows developer for many years, and Microsoft provides "forums" in the form of "News Groups" that anyone can join, and these news groups provide a way for the general user community to mention bugs/issues that they have encountered, and also suggest features/enhancements.

I have not found any similar way to post things (bugs/issues, feature/enhancement requests, etc..) to the developer community for the Android OS. Anyone know if anything like this exists?

One such enhancement/feature request I have is:
- It would be great to be able to connect more than one Bluetooth headset to an Android device. (ie: Being able to watch a movie or listen to music with someone else on a tablet or phone, via wireless headsets.)