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HI, folks!
For last week I've been googling around how to get rid of ugly icon background and frames on my new Droid device.
The trouble is that all app icons at the app screen and at desktop screen has that really ugly background color, that seems to be randomly choosed and a transparent frame (see the attached picture). You can see that on Opera, Skype and Navitel icons. In that case background is blue, but for DrWeb icon it's light gray. That makes my crazy! Moreover, it seems to resize icons to fit in this square frames and that makes it looks even more ugly.
After some search I came up for that it moor looks like an Launcher issue/settings. My devise is an OEM Chinese protected phone (more commonly known as Batl S09) and it seem to have Samsung TouchWiz, at least I have SamsungLauncher4.apk at /system/app/ folder and it's marked as Launcher 4.2.2-eng.wsl in Applicatin section in Settings.
Soo, as I'm very noob in Android hacking, I need help there.
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