Question [Q] Home button in SView on 4.4.2

I already started to solve my problem in the SView-Mod-Thread, but before I spam it with too much off-topic, I created a thread in the right place.

The problem ist self-explaining, since the update to KitKat and UENB ROM, SView is working properly for the genuine SView-Cover. I am using the Spigen S View Cover and this cover has a home button, in detail it has a lay-in in the front cover to push the home button of the phone. On 4.3 it was possible to wake up the device with the home button, also it was possible to activate the torch by pushing the VolUp button. On 4.4 it is neither possible to wake up the device with the homebutton nor activate the torch.

It seems that some users have the possibility to use the buttons, but no one can explain what they did or what the reason is. So anyone, who could give some advice, how it is possible to reactivate the buttons in closed mode?

THanks in advance.
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