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Aroma based font changing ability available for you phone. Custom ROMs sometime may have the facility. Idea is to have something single yet more powerful with different option in case of the font changing ability. NOW THIS IS NOT beyond our imagination since, I'm presenting you: The FontFly an Aroma based font installer for our beloved Android. Hope you like it.

I've Made this little utility to meet my own necessity. Cause, My Xperia don't have such option to do that (I think they Should include such option in personalization menu.) But, this little fella could be used to Any Android PHONE. The reason behind this is, every font are stored in same location System/fonts. And this tool does the same thing for any device. It changes or we should say overwrites the fonts so we could use new font applied.

So, don't be shy. Just Try.

Any ROM (Maybe!)

Copy to SD card or phone memory
Turn off phone & go to recovery
choose install zip file
Choose Downloaded file
Aroma will start
Follow on screen instruction.

Troubleshoot+Problem ::: Solution

Q: After Flashing Font Phone isn't/won't Bootup!
Q: I'm getting Bootloop! WTF!!!
Ans: Don't Panic. Cause, Everything is OK. Everything is there Your ROM, Your DATA. Just the font not working for ur phone.

First Option: Go to recovery again and Just Flash Any other font (It could be part I or Part II cause there is 50+), see if it works.
Second Option: If first option didn't work> try to install Android 4.4 (Kitkat) / Android 4.3 font From FontFly Part II >if not successful report here And
Third Option & last hope: Google for flashable 4.4 font>Flash it>phone will be ok.

Q: How to revert/Go back to Stock Font?
Ans: install 4.4/ 4.3 Fonts from Part II

Q: How to revert/Go back to Sony Stock Font?
Ans: Flash SonyXperia Font in FontFly Pack 1


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[Credits] (Remind me if I'm missing anyone Pls)
Ahmad Amarullah for Aroma
Chromium_ for font
gianton For font
leventccc for font
tantrums for font

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FontFly, a Tool/Utility for the Sony Xperia Z1


Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: II
Stable Release Date: 2014-01-07
Beta Release Date: 2014-01-01

Created 2014-01-28
Last Updated 2014-01-28
hello sir,can i port your app on my new rom?...I named it "MATRIX Rom" for xperia l 4.2.2 (the rom is 70% complete and it is still initial release) i will upload the rom once it complete

My Device : SONY XPERIA L C2105 (Black)
Firmware : 15.3.A.1.14
Root Status : Full Rooted
Bootloader Status : Unlocked
Kernel : Phantom Kernel
ROM : Matrix Rom