Default [Q] Mobile Device ID ( Corporate e-mail)

I am trying to connect to my business e-mail account (MS exchange server). The IT requested the "Mobile device ID", in my Nexus 7 this was straight forward, I took it from the stock e-mail client by selecting manual set-up and the mobile device ID will be listed at the bottom of the screen, it started with "androidc" and then numbers. For the G Pro, i couldn't find this ID in the e-mail client nor in any other way, I used some apps that give you android ID or other ID's but apparently they give me different type of ID's ( Google services IDs, Android ID).

From where to get this Mobile Device ID ?
LG G Pro (E988)
Nexus S
SE P1i
Nokia 5500 sport
Nokia Ngage
Nokia 6310
Ericsson T28