Default GS3 Mophie case works! But not on my CM10.2..

Hello all. Long time reader, first time poster here on the forums. I thank anyone in advance for assistance.

I just received a new Mophie Juicepack for my T-Mobile Galaxy S3 (non LTE). Charged it up and plugged it in and not working... In my efforts to diagnose the issue, I have verified the following:

1. The case does in fact hold a charge and is able to charge up an identical T-mobile GS3 (my girlfriend's) using the stock rom, unrooted, untouched really.
2. My phone has no issues being charged via numerous USB cables plugged into wall chargers or directly into the PC
3. I am even able to charge the phone using a 1700mAh external micro usb battery kit.

So the only variable that I can come up with is that it must be a software issue with my phone (since both my phone and the case function fine in other conditions). I have attempted updating my ROM to the latest stable Cyanogen Mod version, (10.2.1-d2tmo), wiping my cache, wiping cache with a factory reset and reinstall. I have also tried the latest stable AOKP ROM with no success...

My analysis leads me to believe that maybe there are some settings somewhere in CM that alter the conditions in which the phone will receive power. I imagine this would be some sort of terminal action or manually modifying the root files as I have searched the phone's menus a thousand times.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to solve this issue?
Has anyone else has issues with external batteries while running custom ROMs? Or with Mophie cases in particular?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!