Wink E980H Basics (How to return back to Stock,Rom related stuff and Rooting)

Hey guys I am making this thread no help with everything I can to people with the E980H.

Returning back to Stock:

This can be really easy or really problematic if something is wrong with the phone, but here is what helped me even in those hard times.

1) You necessarily need one of the KDZ files with our modem wich they are the Mexican or the one from Panama you can find them here (

2) Make sure you have a full battery always helps with the pesky LG Softwares.

3) Power-off your phones then go into Download Mode (+Volume + -Volume and insert USB cable while plugged in PC.).

4) In the Flash Tool make sure in the right upper corner you selected DIAG and in the left box 3GQCT.

5) Add the KDZ file to the flash tool (make sure you have a copy of the file because it erases the one you put in the program, helps fot those with slow connections as my self ).

6) Click on the Normal Web Upgrade Test box.

7)A new windows will pop in that one click Upgrade Start.

8) In select country choose Different Country and in language pick Spanish.

9) Wait for the S/W tool to finish.

10) After it is done go ahead and do a factory reset (-Volume + Power Button, hold them till factory reset text appear.).

That should cover the returning back to Stock part, I always do this process two time in a row just to make sure everything went down right but the second time instead of going to Emergency Mode, I choose to connect the phone in LG Software in the USB connection type menu.


1) Download this tool (

2) Turn on USB Debugging.

3) Make sure your phone is in MTP.

4) Open the Current Root.

5) Click Enter as prompted then wait for phone to reboot.

6) Update the SuperSu app

Pretty straight forward with this one. I recommend for a root explorer to use the ES file explorer it is free and has every tool you could possibly use.

Cleaning Bloat:

I would recommend just disabling the apps but if you like to delete them it is pretty easy using the ES file explorer.

1) Give root permissions to ES file explorer

2) Mount system as R/W

3) System apps are located at /system/app

4) Remove bloat make sure not to delete any LG or stock android app

That covers bloat


This is a really everything can go south topic, so I am not responsible for anything you do to your phone. Personally none of the current ROMS beat Stock because they do not have all the camera options and i always had problems with the phone app but this can only be a problem of mine so feel free to try ever ROM compatible with our phone. Always make sure to make a Backup as soon as you can.

1) Download the next file (

Note: I use the old version because the new one gave me touch problems (Only in the recovery).

2) Put your phone in MTP in the USB connection menu.

3) Open Install_twrp.

5) Make sure you have the ROMS you are installing and the proper GAPPS (If wanted).

4) Click enter when prompted to go to recovery click yes. (If you click no dont worry just make sure you are rooted and download any reboot to recovery apps I like anreboot it has no weird permissions).

5) Select Wipe click on advance and wipe everything except for the SD card twice just to make sure (Know everything stored in the phone memory will be deleted).

6) Go back home.

7) Select install go to your file location and select your ROM and after your GAPPS.

8) Do a factory reset.

9) Flash you modem file to enable deep-sleep in some ROMS.

This covers almost everything I can help you with.
I remark I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone everything of the above I have tested it with my phone but there is a chance a unicorn licked your USB connection and something goes wrong. None of the tools are my work just sharing.