Location Super-Jesus-TAMPERED-Flag - got back to life after one day! ... but WHY?!

This is mystery for Sherlock, seriously!

I have done LOCKED AND S-ON (I used to revone) after i have instaled with success:

RUU 1.28.401.x > Change CID to ORANGB10 -> CWM -> Restore of branded nandroid backup (1.28.69.x) -> Flash stock recovery -> Lock bootloader using revone -l (so no relocked info - locked as it would be always like this) -> update process check (and little - ca. 1,5 MB - update installed without any problems) -> S-ON (fastboot oem writesecureflag 3).

After all above steps my bootloader was like this - - locked, without tampered, s-on.

But guess what happend today? yes! TAMPERED flag got resurrected!

Funny/sad thing was that when TAMPERED flag returned, my recovery disappeard and bootloader shows some weird security warning:

Which i have absolutely no idea what it means and why it is there...