Default [Q] WiFi will not turn on with InsertCoin Rom 8.1-1

A few days ago I got a notification saying there was a software update for my T-Mobile HTC One but couldn't download it because there was no WiFi available at the time. So when I got to work I ran the update and it installed fine. Then after the update completed I noticed I was not getting and WiFi connectivity. It was showing that I was connected to the network but there was no internet. So I backed everything up and did a factory reset thinking maybe that would fix the issue. When it rebooted and I tried typing in the wireless password it kept failing and turning the WiFi on and off sporadically.

So when I got home that night I unlocked and rooted my phone and installed TWRP. I flashed Bulletproof Kernel since the T-Mobile Kernel is write protected from what I have read. I created a backup I could flash to in case something went wrong and had to go back to stock ROM. I tried flashing with the newest Android Revolution and Viper ROMs but both got an error saying it couldn't open the .zip file. I eventually got InsertCoin to flash but now the WiFi won't turn on at all. I then restored using the backup I had just made and had the same issue from before I did the factory reset. WiFi sporadically turning on and off and couldn't connect to any network.

Any ideas what the problem could be?