Default [Q] Font issue in Apollo / Other music players

Dear All,

I'm using an XT910 device mostly with the CM11 ROMs. Since a mid January there's an issue for me on CM based ROMs, namely that the fonts in music players. Special marks, umlauts like / (Hungarian or German characters in the titles) are displayed like some Chinese fonts.

I've found a post about it, but no solution yet.

I vas on the 2014.02.05 CM11 nigtly where it was working fine the last time. Then I tried nearly all further releases and the issue was present, so i restored it back from an SS backup. Now I did completely wiped the device, installed JB and started from scratch. As I installed the last working nigthly the issue appeared on that rom as well. I'm not confused with it..

Did you received reports from cases like this?

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