Default HTC One X+ International version or not

Hi, sorry if I'm not posting in the correct forum, but I have a question. I have an unlocked HTC One X+ phone. So, if it's unlocked, does it make it international? I want to root it and everything, but I don't know how to go on. It's unlocked so I'm afraid to lock it by using the wrong programs. (I unlocked the bootloader and already installed international version TWRP (though I don't know if I should have)). I came now to unlocking the phone and don't know if I have to use international version or not (probably the international since I already got TWRP international) but I'm afraid of bricking the phone, breaking it in some way or locking it to AT&T (I do travel overseas and need to be able to use it there).


[EDIT] I bought the phone on eBay!