Unhappy [Q] Downloading using google chrome and playstore via wifi? Please Help!

Hi guys, I never had this problem before I flashed GPE. I'm a new XZU user. I unlocked my bootloader,rooted and installed dual recovery for the hopes of flashing GPE on XZU. I managed to flashed GPE rom in my XZU and everything seems to be fine. Except that my download speed is very slow using google chrome and playstore when using wifi! I haven't tried any other browsers yet. I can't even finish a download in google chrome. when it reaches 90% it cancels. I came from .136 firmware and flashed it. I know that the instructions in the GPE thread is to downgrade first to .290 but I read other users saying that it is ok if u flash it from .136. Guys have you experienced this issue before or should I wait it out?

I can't even connect through my mobile connection now. I just need to know if I should wait this out.