Default 4.4.2 and DoubleTwist with External SD Storage

For all users of DoubleTwist that have your music on an external SD Micro card, you're going to have a problem.
DoubleTwist writes the database to the external card, as well as syncs music to the SD card. Because Kitkat limits where a program can write to an External SD card, DoubleTwist can no longer write database information to the EXTERNAL SD card. This results in a frowning SD card Icon and a SD card error. Doubletwist is working on a cure for the issue. A temporary workaround is to keep your music on the EXTERNAL SD, go in to the settings of doubletwist, and set you storage to internal. The program will scan the EXTERNAL card, and include it on the player. Haven't tried to "sync" yet. New songs will probably go to internal storage. Again, DoubleTwist IS working on this now. Here is a link Doubletwist sent to explain the issue in more detail

Otherwise I'm pretty happy with the update