Default [Q] Methods to prevent Internal SD wipe?

Anyone able to solve the Aroma Updater Script where it would wipe internal SD card when installing an N9005 ROM?

If it was solved, as I saw from @Tiffany84's posts on, is there a universal way for people to be able to modify the updater-script by themselves? Like which fragments of code to remove or replace?

To people who say otherwise, Yes, it wipes, and not only on N900T, but also on the N900W8, which is the Canadian version of the N900T.

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1. Download X-Note, open .zip with winRAR or 7zip.
2. Navigate to META-INF\com\google\android
3. Drag updater-script to desktop and open in Notepad++ (
4. Delete the following...
5. Save (make sure you save as the same format - just click save and not save as)
6. Drag back into same directory and overwrite the previous updater-script in the rom .zip

Tested and working.
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