Default Providing Info About What Trips Rooting Status - No Help Need

This post is just to say putting ytricuces_la in /sdcard/ does not trip Rooting status. It seems one of busybox, bash, or remounting /system read+write does. I'm not asking for any help.

I got a new Verizon LG G2. Of course I wanted to use it for a bit before messing with it too much in case I had to take it back.

I'd had ytricuces_la in /sdcard/ for awhile and could get a root shell with no problem and without tripping Rooting status. I installed busybox and bash manually by unzipping, which identifies itself as
----Superuser r10819----
| Includes: |
| Superuser |
| SU binary 2.3.2-efgh |
| Bash 4.1 |
| Busybox 1.18.4 |
and copying busybox and bash to the phone and creating the busybox symlinks. Something tripped Rooting status. It could be that the Verzion code looks for busybox, or maybe bash, or maybe remounting /system read+write (that would actually make sense, although I don't know how they would detect it).

Anyway, since it's tripped anyway I'm going to put Cyanogenmod on it and forget about it. I don't intend to investigate this any further.

Thanks all for the awesome forum!