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[Q] Bluetooth keyborad with case

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Thats what i went with. Only need to use the keyboard here and there. I can keep the smartcase on and it stands up at a great angle. Found it for $30 brand new and free shipping on ebay.

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Default Would this fit ?

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1


The dimensions seem pretty close ...
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I just called logitech to see if they would be coming out with a folio for our tablets, the reps gave me the typical answer unfortunately... "we don't have any information on that at this time and if we are, logitech will announce it on the site".

I will say though, something did catch my attention during the conversation. I asked if they had a folio for the Galaxy Note 10.1 and he knew EXACTLY what I was talking about, as he referred to the 2014 edition. In my opinion, that can be interpreted in 1 of 2 ways: either several people are calling and asking for it, or they really do have one in the works.

Although I'm ready to purchase a case and keyboard right now, I think I may wait until my next paycheck to see what logitech does. I'll purchase a super cheap case in the meantime though.
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What do you think about this one? http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B...=1&s=computers or this one http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B...=1&s=computers ?

Its seems to be 100% compatible with 10.1 2014 edition, has a good BT keyboard with case and got very nice reviews...

Its not expensive.

I am almost ready to order, just wanted to check if anyone had experience with it.
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I think someone posted about this keyboard here, so i give it a shot and bought this case with keyboard. The quality is awesome. This case is basically for ipad 4 but it works fine with this tablet. fitting 99% proper. I got this for $17 usd. originally priced for $99.

Click image for larger version

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Edit: i forget to mention, it doesn't have a hole to plug in your tablet, since it's made for ipad 4. just need to drill or cut it in the middle, it have enough space to plug it in.
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Does it have a home or back button that works with the Note? Also how is the tablet screen protected from the kb once closed?

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Originally Posted by aznmode View Post
Does it have a home or back button that works with the Note? Also how is the tablet screen protected from the kb once closed?

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It has the home button but it doesn't work with note tablet since this keyboard is meant to be work with iPad. Last two rows touch the screen but i don't think it matters since i have a tampered glass screen protector. Also, the keys are made of very good quality, so they won't scratch the screen in my opinion. But for $17, i think for me it's a very good decent deal. I love the quality of this product.
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Sorry i cant post links.. but..
youtube has currently reviews on 2 BT-keyboard cases for the SGN 10.1-2014

simple search for galaxy 10.1 2014 keyboard
or SM-p600 keyboard
should yeild the desired results..

one is a cheap plastic case sold through ebay via china that was already discussed and photoed in another keyboard thread for the 2014 here on the XDA forums.. but a video is alwyas better.
it seemed to fit just fine.. but for me left ALOT of concerns as it has a 3 tab conection to the front of the tablet to make a "half" case.. leaving the sides and back unprotected.. and while it has a slot to slide the tablet into to stand up.. this slot has 2 "teeth" to frip it.. a from experience on my kocaso m870s and a similar tablet holder with teeth.. and what the other threads pictures clearly showed.. these teeth support the FULL weight of the tablet.. and CLEARLY bend the screen/glass out of shape under the devices weight.
for most this might be a minor issue.. but for a 600$ tablet it seems a bit unwise to damage your high end device with something so poorly thought out.

the "V" stand i use now with the 2 teeth prongs holding the tablet up alsohas the issue while deformingthe screen.. causes a single screen press to register as 3-5 in various spots.. effectivly warping the screen enough that its causing false touch readings when the screen is interacted with..
this forces me to have to hold the tablet in hand and not in the pronged cradle whenever i need to actually physically interact with it.

this other case and the better build quality of the SM-p600 might cause it to be a non issue.. but what pictures i seen in the other thread still makes it an issue worth noting.


the other case listed on youtube is a full leather folio style case in assorted colors offered through amazon.
from the video allthe holes for the ports are in the right spots.. nothing is blocked.. and the keyboard is detachable and also wrapped in the leather.
honestly theres 2 reviews of this case.. and in BOTH instances the reviewers kept dropping the keyboard while it was being handled.
its meant to be held in place by a series of magnets.. but clearly not powerfull enough ones.
this leather case also seemed to more then double the thickness profile of the tablet making the entire thing look more like a notebook then a freely portable tablet.
while not a deal breaker.. for some this is an issue they best perfer to avoid.. so is clearly worth noting.

sadly from my research.. ive not found anything that stands out as the ipso-facto "GET ME" case/keyboard for the SM-p600 just yet.. but its still a new device.. and more things are comming out for it all the time.
and knowing how cheap china knock off products are.. and sadly this is what nearly all ebay and amazon items tend to be as of late..either find a decent slim case for protection and all NEEDED featured for the tablet.. and look around local stores for a cheap bluetooth keyboard seperately.. amd keep the keyboard where you do most your business.. and keep typing light using the on screen keys while elsewhere.. and stick with that.. or wait a bit longer to see if anything worth our attentions pops up stateside.

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