Default [Q] Myphone a919 duo/Micromax a110 Screen Issue

this happened like 4 months ago... i was just watching movie and suddenly the screen drops quality then starts flickering, appearing multiple dots of colors. So i immediately turn my phone OFF - removed the battery then after 3 minutes I put back then turn it ON...after that incident my phone now has LOW QUALITY of screen. All text/letters are almost look like pixelized(not really clear), white/red/blue/green shadows appears when background is black or even if the background has bright colors a white shadows appears below and above the bright color, when playing games for long time(2-3 hrs) the screen will starts flickering again(I noticed the back of the phone below the back camera is getting hot).

Before all this happened, for almost 1 week i was playing games while my phone is charging. But during the time it started i was not charging my phone. It appeared 5 hrs after i charged my phone...


I included some Screen shots...

Is there any other way to fix this problem and restore the screen quality of my phone without buying NEW LCD? If there is, please tell me how or just give me the link or application needed to fix this issue...
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