Question [Q] Phablet or 7 inch tablet that comes or is easily hacked to add KitKat?

So I just rooted my Moto X, but because of a locked bootloader it is questionable if I will be able to setup a 4.4 ROM. If I have to buy something else anyway, I'm thinking I would prefer something in a Phablet or 7 inch tablet. I use a Verizon MiFi to have 4G I can use as WiFi wherever I go. So carrier is a moot point. But I do need the ability to place WiFi calls (perhaps using Hangouts on 4.4?) as well as a GPS (I commute by bicycle daily).

I thought about the Nexus 7 but those appear to be generally out of stock and I presume that's because there will be a refresh soon. Perhaps I should wait for that? Maybe an unlocked Note 3? Other ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help!
Currently on a Moto X that I bought from Republic Wireless, but currently using pure WiFi and Hangouts and Viber