Default [Q] Soft Bricked ... tried everything help me please!

Hello everyone,

I've been researching/trying to fix my phone for two days without much luck... please help me!

Fastboot runs fine, can detect phone. The problem is that ADB seems to be unable to read my phone - therefore I can't side load any roms or RUU's.

Phone Info:
- Rooted/unlocked phone
- S=On
- Previous Rom was Android 4.3 Insertcoin
- TWRP recovery installed (and working)

Pressing Powr + Volume down this is the information I have:
******Tampered ******
******Unlocked ******
M7_UL PVT Ship S-On RH
Open DSP

Computer Info:
- Windows XP
- Windows 7

- Tried upgrading my HTC One to Android 4.4
- Didn't realize that u needed S=Off and to update TWRP for Android 4.4

Troubleshooting Steps:
- Tried HTC All In One Toolkit --> fastboot works, ADB doesn't recognize device
- Tried TWRP side load --> doesn't work due to ADB unable to recognize phone
- Tried to flash a new RUU through fastboot --> Failed
- Tried different USB cable + Different USB ports
- Tried uninstalling all drivers + reinstalling (different combinations of HTC Sync, HTC drivers, Samsung Drivers etc. )
- Tried 3 different computers, adb still doesn't recognize the phone