Question [Q] android 4.0.4 built-in Recorder can not record call

Hi all,

I got this Philips android 4.0.4 cellphone for several days. I tried 10+ recorder apps and none works on call recording ---- some of them seemed to work but the result file playback was empty.

I uninstalled all of them, and followed someone's instruction about how to use the built-in recorder normally (I did not know that I should bring up a menu and push start recording button) (his cellphone is android 4.0, too).....At the end, when I hang up, there's an automatic popup - "recording file is saved". I don't know where is this file. So I go to desktop to run Recorder. And in it's file list table, there's no file.

Please, please help me. It's really a pain, for days.