+jfed You dirty whore. actually: you clean whore! don't you think that flashing so often has helped you keep away from the 2-3 month degradation? When I'm flashing regularly and checking out new ROMs it does seem to stay very fast, but after about 2 months with one rom it seems to bog down terribly. It is crazy that on a 12.9gb free machine that you'd need to keep 40% of it as free space, but maybe that's the only real fix.

BTW, if you've been flashing so much, maybe you can point us to a setup that's working well for you or that you would go back to if you could keep your hands out of your recovery console.

I'm going to try stock 4.2.1 for a few months and see if that degrades too and after that I think I'll just try to figure out how to keep 5+gb of free space open, which would mean deleting a ton of videos of cats in rollerskates.
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