Battery Full [Q] Battery icon stock in the statusbar

Hi everybody.
On my phone is installed the HarshJelly ROM V.5.1 . I flashed the .zip to have the original statusbar like in the v.4 (without the tiles). But now in the status bar there is the circle icon for the battery, and I'd want to change it with the stock...Is it possibile?
(I tried to change the "systemUI.apk" of the "" with that of the ROM, and It worked well, the battery icon is the stock, however I didn't have the sense style task manager, so I flashed the V.5 again and also the "" to remove tiles from statusbar, and now I have the circle icon for the battery...In short : I want the sense style task manager, but in the statusbar i'd want the stock icon for the battery..)

Thanks in advance!!

P.S. : I know that it is very stupid, but...if you can help me it would be great U_U.