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I had all kinds of charging issues for awhile, turns out the battery cable had become loose. Just pop off the back and check that the battery cable is plugged in all the way and seated firmly. The battery itself was also loose and sliding around in its compartment (probably how the cable became loose in the first place), which I resolved with some electrical tape.

Hopefully it's not worse than that, good luck.
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I created a thread about a similar issue. I have the Asus dock. Charging on there is brilliant. Charging via USB is pathetically slow

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Originally Posted by Rcoil73 View Post
Warranty is over . Asus will probably rip me off for it.

Btw just to note charging is substantially faster when connect to pc . It charges from 5% to 31% in 2hrs .

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So it could be that your charger is not powerful enough ... Tablet need more than phone usually. I know that because I use the same charger for my Nexus and a Samsung SIII and the time it takes to get from 5% (typical ) to 100% is quite different!
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I had this slow charging problem on both mine and my wife's N7. Checked, opened and adjusted the battery connector a few times through few weeks but it did not solve the problem. Later I found out it was the usb ribbon connecting to the mirco usb port behind the speaker was loosen even when locked. I cut and stick a small piece of tape on the back of the ribbon, thicking it slighty, relocking it back in place. Solved the charging issue and both devices are charging back on time properly.
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I'm having crazy slow charging recently on my Nexus 7 and I'm trying to figure it out myself.. USB or Dock charge the same; about 300-400mA, that's it. USB speeds. Using the stock charger and cable.

I recently went to AOKP so I wonder if it's something there but I can't figure it out.
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I've found that different combinations of USB cables and chargers make a big difference. I have a very long micro USB cable I like to use for charging because the couch is far from the outlet, but attaching that to the Nexus 7 or Nexus 5 wall charger yields a slow charge. If I play a game like Magic 2014 while charging that way, the battery goes down as I play. However some of the short USB cables that came with devices produce a fast charge with both the N7 and N5 wall chargers - the battery actually moves up while playing the same game. So I've resorted to using an old-school AC extension cord and plugging the good cable into that so it can reach the couch.
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Default Nexus 7 Slow charging issue

Originally Posted by Rcoil73 View Post
Hi my nexus 7 is charging at a pathetic rate . I left it to charge for 5 hours from 7.00am to 12.00pm and it only charged from 5% to 12% .

It all happened a few days ago . I charged my nexus 7 to 100% (stock rom used for few months alr )and wiped the battery stats . Following that I drained the battery till 0% . After rebooting , the slow charging problem surfaced . I have already did a clean wipe and reinstall of stock 4.1.2 using nexus toolkit , the problem is still there . Help ?

I had this issue for a long time. Tried all the chargers and ROMs I could get my hands on.

Decided that it should be an hardware problem.

I opened up the Nexus 7 and re-soldered all the USB contacts.
I removed the flat cable that goes from the USB PCB Surface mounted connector and cleaned the contacts on it and re-plugged it.
I removed the battery and cleaned the contacts in there with electric cleaning spray.
I re-soldered the battery contacts on the PCB side.

My nexus 7 now goes from 0% to 100% in about 3 hours.
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