Phone [Q] N9005XXUBMHL firmware

Hi my note 3 version n9005 has the following ap:

I could not find any information about this version, or anywhere to download it as a backup. In Kies region code is BTU so I found out that it is for Uk and Ireland. I found the firmwares for UK on samfirmware and it appears that the first released version is MI7.
Is my version a test firmware? I cannot get updates neither in kies or ota to MI7 or MJ1 and so on.
Is it safe to flash to MI7 with odin 3.09? Will it trip knox? If I succesfully update to MI7 will I be able to root with de la veda and preserve knox 0x0?
Does anyone else have this firmware? I've only seen very few people bring it up.
How can I dump my rom in order to have it as backup if flashing goes wrong? I'm not rooted.