Unhappy [Q] Incoherent battery read outs

Is there any news regarding the battery problems on the Note, I don't mean fast battery drain or something like that. I mean the malfunctional battery percentage read outs: for, example the phone shuts down, because it is out of battery and then when you plug it in, and just short press the on/off button it says the battery is charged 50% or something like that, while it obviously isn't. Also when you have just checked it with this short press on the on/off button, if you properly boot in the os it says the battery is 70% or something like that. This doesn't seem to be a app related, but more a kernel related problem. I know some other people also had this problem, but I haven't seem anyone yet with a solution...

I don't have a logcat, but since others also had this problem I don't know whether the devs needed another. I do know this could just be a bad battery, but this is my second original battery, so I don't think this is the problem.

Personally I have no problem with a bad batterylife, and with SlimKat the batterylife is wonderful, but because of this inconsistent read-outs I have no clue when the battery is charged, and it just dies on my on random moments

THE POLL IS WRONG, just state whether you have problems in the comments