Default [Q] Root Injection

So I want to learn how to inject root into stock firmware and create a new modified ODIN flashable firmware file. I am starting from a .tar.md5 archive that contains the following:
  • boot.img
  • recovery.img
  • system.img
  • cache.img
  • hidden.img
  • sboot.bin
  • param.bin
  • tz.img

So far, the only solution my research has turned up is to use dsixda's Android Kitchen, which in my case I would first need to modify to be compatible with my device (which is a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1).

While I'm sure I could eventually figure everything out and get Kitchen working and use it to modify my firmware and inject root, I can't help but feel that there has to be an easier / more straightforward solution (especially since I would need to first modify it to add device compatibility). I don't need all the power that Kitchen provides, I just need a method/system that will enable me to inject root into stock firmware.

And as a preemptive measure, yes I am fully aware of all the other rooting methods out there, including CF-AutoRoot, and I have successfully used many of these methods in the past; I am curious about how to do this for more reasons than to just simply gain root access.