Tutorial [Q] Can official D802 ROM 4.2.2 be flashed on rooted korean Model F320L??

i have recently bought a korean Lg g2 model f320L (written on the back label). Its already rooted and running a custom rom V5 for LG G2 by VDT_ROM 4.2.2 but it shows software version as F320S11g.. I think its because the rom developer might be using it on his f320s model or could be any reason i dunno.....

Now I need to know is there any official 4.2.2 rom out there that has been extracted by any developer from intl version D802 and that is compatible to use with korean models f320s/k/l? or any links to custom rom which is the most stable and similar to official 4.2.2 on d802?

Also is there any way to change my software version to f320L11g so it would reflect he correct model of my device? plz help!!!