Question ask-th.bin automatically downloaded to my phone?

Hey Guys,

I have the Galaxy Note 3. Just turned the screen on to use it and noticed a file that was listed as "download complete" in the notifications.

That file is ask-th.bin

The contents of the bin file are text, a php file. It is as follows:


$mt = new MT(31, '/var/www/cgi-bin/mte/mt-config.cgi');

From what I can find out from googling some of the terms there, it is part of Movable type? I have no idea which app downloaded it, nor do I know how I can go about finding out what app caused that to happen. Definitely fishy behavior. Kinda feeling like I'm being hacked or something.

Once I saw this, I force closed the download manager app (which is the one that came up when I clickheld the download notification and chose "app info")

I am posting this here incase anyone else googles the terms above. Maybe this thread will come up, and maybe power in numbers can figure out wtf that's about...