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New OTA update disables the WIFI Hotspot tether workaround

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I tried it and didn't work I wonder what's so really different about the hardware or 4.3 OTA on Samsung devices?

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Originally Posted by Trigster View Post
So curious, why does Verizon keep wanting to block/deny the WiFi tether, yet USB is still completely unaffected nor cared about?

USB is not affected by the new software update?
Please Explain. USB tethering is all I really need sometimes when I'm on the road since I only use my laptop.
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Originally Posted by fjl307 View Post
USB is not affected by the new software update?
Please Explain. USB tethering is all I really need sometimes when I'm on the road since I only use my laptop.
I just use PDAnet, install the app, install the desktop software, and enable.

I have not done ANYTHING to my phone to get either USB or WiFi-Tether to work, it is 100% VZW stock.


Now granted I bought the paid version long time ago and the registration works both for PDA and FoxFi.

Note: LoL I just read some of the top reviews on PdaNet+, people complaining because it doesn't "hide" data usage from their cell-co providers.
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I have used SVTP for some time. My Galaxy S3 was on pageplus, which takes you to a web page about data provisioning, if you attempt to tether via programs like FoxFi. SVTP enabled me to use wifi tethering for my Nexus 7 2013, my laptop, desktop, and my friends iPAD at the same time. I never had any complaints from page plus even though i used in excess of 1GB of data per day, on a few occasions. My usual data usage per day was about 100-300 MB.
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Found a different app that costs less, and works without the various steps like foxfi.

Doesn't seem to have a widget, takes some time to load the app, and turn on the wifi tether, but works well.

On updated 4.3, MJE, rooted.

Program is called wifi tether router - fabio grasso
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Originally Posted by Sportster1 View Post
I use FoxFi and here's all I did to re enable it and it works fine without even hitting home button:

Uninstall FoxFi and the FoxFi Key-everything FoxFi
Go to Settings-Security-Trusted Credentials-User and delete the FoxFi certificate
Reboot phone
Reload FoxFi and Key
When it prompts for Cert, hit ok, don't change anything, it'll install it
VPN if it asks, ok it
set it up the way you had it, also not sure if this is important or not but I believe you need a security code
for your lockscreen. I just did a number code deal. It works.
Use FoxFi and you don't have to hit home or anything. Works great!

Lemme know how it worked for you.
I literally used the above method about 10 times then it finally worked. You have to keep trying it until you get the red hotspot tether icon to appear.
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Root and don't update... Solved.

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