Default [Q] I download it a rom and it won't fully load

I finally decided to flash a new rom since my note 2 after year and a half started to seriously lag on me. I downloaded via goomanager the following rom Bam 2.0 rc3 20140304 kitkat l900. zip along with pa gapps stock 4.4.2 20131215 zip. I made a stupid mistake of not doing a backup since I thought that TWRP will save my last backup. When I flash the rom they seem to be working but when the rom is trying to activate my mobile data service, it just lags for a long while, and at the end says that activation can take a few minutes. After a long while it tells me that it failed to connect. I am stuck, i have tried reinstalling various stock files via odin but to no avail. Now I have also retry using the galaxy note toolkit v 4.1.0 but I can't get to the usb debugging mode since the rom won't load all the way. Does anybody now what I did wrong? Or how can I fix this problem? I have been reading all kinds of posts and try many solutions, please help. Thank you in advance.