Default [Q] i9505 Proximity Sensor problem

Hi everyone,

since a few weeks i got problems with the proximity sensor on my i9505

First i thought that it is software related but after clean installing a new ROM yesterday i see that the problem still exists...

It happens when the proximity sensor should react, when i am close to it, it reacts and activates but the problem is that it wont turn off again...

i dialed the test menu and went to sensor test, as i see the sensor sees the distance normaly, when i bring it close and when i move it away i see that the numbers react how they should, however after the sensor is once trigerred with a close object it starts to vibrate and the screen turns green (how it should), but after moving away it registers the distance but it won´t stop to vibrate and turn off :/

Anyone who knows what could be wrong?

I have to mention that the display was changed once (because of the glass broke) but it was working normal for months...

EDIT: after testing again i see that the sensor sees the distance just as it should the only problem is that once that the sensor action is triggered to 1.0 from 0.0 it stays at 1.0 no matter if i remove my hand...
Device : Samsung Galaxy S IV - GT-I9505
ROM : Samy Deluxe S4 ROM Galaxy S5 F "From Ashes Rise" (by: mrmad23)
Baseband : XXUFNA1

Device : LG Nexus 4 (mako)
Kernel : matr1x v13.5
Device Status : Rooted, Boot loader Unlocked