Exclamation [Q] Help with SPH-L520, PLEASE!

Tried the root method here.

And got the error:

image size too large!! W:1080, H:1920
display image fail
I panicked, but figured it'd be alright if I just flashed the stock firmware. I re-downloaded the unmodified stock firmware and not I am getting the error

sw rev check fail  fused 3 > binary 2
Odin fails to flash stock at all. It seems to flash it if it's the modified one (the attempt to remove the bootloader) but it then doesn't boot.

If I try to boot phone after flashing stock and failing it says "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select revoery mode in kies & try again."

What can I do? I want to try re downloading/flashing the PIT file but i can't seem to find a download for that anywhere. Could anyone link me or maybe create a backup pit from their phones I could use?

I have no idea what to do...