Question Medialink HDMI uses

So my friend gave me a OneXL and a whole kit-out last year for my birthday (he refurbs them and no I won't give out his name) This also included the Medialink HD box, clip and HDMI cable.

At the time it was of no use to me cause I am a farmboy and all my TVs are old analog CRTs with just co-ax or RCA or S-video.

Well I am finally getting a TV with HDMI so I can put the thing to use. I understand it operates on the same principle as a Chromecast, and I have seen other threads mention you can project to it from Windows Media Player, so I was wondering, what all uses has everyone found for their Medialink boxes with or without your One X? How have you set yours up?
PHONE: HTC OneX (AT&T branded)
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