Default [Q] Bluetooth issues Note 3 SM-N9005

Bluetooth completely broken. 1 week old rooted through odin stock 4.4.2.
Put a line in script platform.xml in order to read/write to micro sd card (that never happened!). Camera stopped working. Did factory reset. camera still not working,
went to use bluetooth in car and it went craze flashing up message bluetooth not available. Then realised what I had done earlier on re the platform xml script. removed the line dumped camera cache and data, reboot, camera now working no issues but bluetooth completely dead. Every time I try to start bluetooth it says turning on then just stops after a minute. cleared data and cache in bluetooth share and bluetooth test, reboot but still nothing. battery out etc...
Did at one stage import titanium backup from SGS1 i wonder did overwrite a script or something?
Anyway HELP needed please.