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Looking for software to develop an app (preferably offline) which will help someone with no coding experience. I am proficient with photoshop & after effects but I don't know any coding.

I am sure at some point I'll require a pro to write some custom script for me but I want to get as far into the project on my own as possible.

I don't want to be bound by some websites hosting terms, with monthly fees and all this other stuff. Preferably, I'd build my app offline and go from there...I don't honestly trust these websites with little app builders then your app is stuck on their site and you're forced to use their hosting and things like that....if it's my app, it's my app!!! I shouldn't be bound to some website or whatever.

So, preferably offline app builder which someone with no coding experience can use?

But question is that why any company offer you free tool that helps you to create app without coding knowledge. So only two option is here May be company offer paid tool for that and i think so no as such paid tool available in the market.

2nd option is company offer you online tool where you can create app without the knowledge of tool, in return companies want you to buy their subscription etc... to use that code.

I used some tools for testing person and some of them give you .apk and .ipa file to test your app on device but do not give you source code of app. You can read more about 4 best app building softwares, but as i mentioned that they do not give you source code.

I hope so above mentioned information helps you.

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