Question [Q] Model Number Change after root

Hello and sorry for any noobieness

I recently rooted my note pro 12.2 using chainfires auto-root method However to my surprise it seems like the model number has changed to sm-t900 from sm-p900. I am not 100% of this but i am sure that sm-p900 shows up on the loading screen and the s-pen worked before the root. As the device is now, the s-pen is completely nonfunctional and screen rotation is stuck. (has to be changed by opening an app the has only one screen rotation like flappy birds.) The following is a list of what Ive tried to do to fix solved this issue starting from the first root. Also i tripled checked and the files i used had sm-p900 not sm-t900

1. Attempted to root device but was stuck on cache.img
2. After changing usbs several times and restarting computer rooting was successful.
3. S pen and screen rotation stopped working
4. rerooted device via superSu app
5. Used recovery image p900 model number
6. Device still had S pen/rotation problems.
7. rerooted with no problems
8. noticed model number was sm-t900(tab pro 12.2)

Thank you for reading and any help you can give me and i am sorry if this has been asked before.(i searched and only found threads that didnt answer my question)