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im use latest imoseyon 6.20, but screen stuck on htc screen..

now im using almost sense rom..but start boring lol...

any recomended cool rom i can try..froyo, gingerbread, ics, sense, aosp is ok
Besides santod's roms and various versions of infected eternity, I used to run skyraider 1.3 and thundershed 1.5 quite a bit. Those are basically the best roms for this phone IMO. over the top theming is cool and all, but I preferred roms that just plain work, and all of the roms I mentioned did exactly that, while also offering good looks, outstanding reliability, and better than stock performance.

Tablet: Nexus 7 2013 32gb (flo)
ROM: Jdevil/Slimkat

Phone: Galaxy Nexus 32gb
ROM: Slimkat/Commotio