Default [ROM][PORT] MIUIv3 2.4.20 (Bieltv.3's CM7 RC4 based) (10/3/2014)

*** Disclaimer

I have no responsible for your device if anything goes wrong!
Please use CM Specific kernel 4.0 to have a good experience. Since my Galaxy Y has been dead, I've sent it to repair and I'm now using another phone, I will be back in few days. Thanks for supporting me.

Since Bieltv.3 released his CM7 RC4. Many bugs was fixed. I think it's time to re-port MIUIv3 so that we can enjoy MIUI with less bugs.


What's not working:
USB tethering
FM Radio (Not tested)
HW (Partially)
If you find any bugs, please don't hesitate comment to this thread, if this bug is not related to the base ROM, i will try my best to fix it.

Installation Guide:
  1. (RECOMMENDED) Be on a stock ROM, installation will be cleaner
  2. Download THIS EXT4 tool, the Kernel and the Rom on your device.
  3. Flash on Samsung recovery (or your recovery if you are not on stock), my temp. CWM.
  4. When you are on the Temp. CWM, flash the EXT4 Formatter tool, so whole system will be converted to EXT4. (Stock filesystem is RFS)
  5. After the installation, flash my kernel you have downloaded before.
  6. When the Kernel is installed, go, on the CWM, to advanced --> reboot recovery (this will reboot the device, and turn it on on the new CWM of kernel)
  7. Wipe data, cache and dalvik
  8. (IMPORTANT) Go to mounts and storage, and make sure system is mounted (will show unmounted) mount it 2 times!
  9. Go to install zip from SD Card, choose zip from SD card and install your MIUIv3. (MAKE SURE installation last more than 5 seconds, if is less than 5 secodns, your system is unmounted! repeate step 8).
  10. Mount the System again and install GApps.
  11. After installation, go back and reboot system, if you made it good, ROM boots, so no problem on it.
Please follow the instruction carefully or you will have to do it again (or worsely brick your phone).

Build 3:
  • Fixed media folder
  • Fixed Icon
  • Update new default theme


Build 3:
  • [1]
  • MD5: c63b993ba7d544da4be13335a385a101
Initial release:
  • [1]
  • MD5:22167260c3a9aa03e1025972c36bf4c9
  • [1]
  • MD5:7713d3b8c3864dfac2a16d45e5a6ae46
  • [1]
  • MD5: 1647897d8ac3efb04723d2ad2c361a3f

Cosminx for my ROM reference
Bieltv.3 and all BroadcomCM team for the awesome CM7's ROM
MIUI for making this ROM

XDA:DevDB Information
MIUIv3 for Galaxy Y, a ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

ROM OS Version: 2.3.x Gingerbread
ROM Kernel: Linux 2.6.x
Based On: CyanogenMod

Version Information
Status: Alpha

Created 2014-03-10
Last Updated 2014-03-13
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