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Freezing/SOD Issues on 4.4 KK Roms [Serious Discussions]

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So now that LG is pushing out KK, could we expect to see a possible solution to this issue, with a new kernel and whatnot?
Phone: Google Nexus 5 "hammerhead" ROM: Stock(for now) Kernel: Stock(for now)
Tablet: Amazon Kindle Fire (Gen 1) "otter" ROM: PAC-ROM 4.4.2
Tablet: Google Nexus 10 "manta" ROM: Purity 4.4.2 Kernel: KTManta
Retired: Sprint Motorola Photon 4G "sunfire", Sprint LG G2 "LS980"
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Originally Posted by Koopa777 View Post
So now that LG is pushing out KK, could we expect to see a possible solution to this issue, with a new kernel and whatnot?
Yes, once LG gets around to posting the kernel source. I'll make the request to them tomorrow morning, and it usually takes them about 3-4 weeks after a request before they get around to it.

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Phone : VS980
Rom : Paranoid Android 4.0 Beta 6 (02/27/2014) 4.4.2 KVT49L
Kernel : 3.4.82-kitkat houstonn@aospa #1 (Thu Feb 27 02:23:59 EST 2014)
Gapps : pa_gapps-modular-mini-4.4.2-20140227-signed
How often does it freeze : Every time I talk on the phone
When does it freeze (apps that are being used at the time of freeze) : When I use the phone app, I hear a tapping noise (the noise you hear when you sleep the phone and when you swipe to unlock it) a few times every time I put the phone up to my ear and when I am done with the phone conversation, my screen stays black and I have to force-reboot the phone.
Comments : Not sure if this is tied to the double-tap status bar to sleep the phone, or the volume keys. I also saw this with AOKP & CM11.

*[UPDATE]* After reading other people's input, I decided to flash the 3.4.77-PAEK v5.3 kernel since people reported they didn't get SoD after flashing. I will return and report in a day or two (after a few phone calls).
VZWLG|G2vs980 [R00T3D & R0M'D]
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Vs980 running carbon build 2-28. Installed 3-6 no sods or freezes on this build for over 3 days. Multiple users reporting same results. I wonder if kernel developers could take a look at 2-28 boot.IMG and see what has fixed the issue. I've never been so pleased with this device. The sods were a real annoyance and I'm glad to have relief.

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I really only get it when running benchmarks... Though I haven't since using furnace kernel. The liquid ROM for the sprint G2 has been a lot more reliable then a lot of other AOSP I've tried.

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drdnght mrk lazarus
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regarding these freezes I'm reading here

does it means that the phone reboots fully?
Cause I have those. Need to enter my pin to unlock sim.

Phone : D802
Rom : CM11 M4
Kernel : Stock CM11
Gapps : PA-4.4.2-2014-03-07
How often does it freeze : ranges from several times an hour to daily, goes up when using DATA
When does it freeze (apps that are being used at the time of freeze) : standby, toggling data, pulling the quick settings bar
Logs (if you can provide them) : none
Comments : I get the impression that my reboots happen more when I'm moving with the phone, moving as in entering another cell tower. Also happens more when data is turned on. But never when the phone is charging
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we just need 4.4.2 kernel sources. and everything will be fixed
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One thing I noticed since going back to stock was that sometimes I'll make a phone call and it'll make a rising tone in my ear maybe indicating a call is connecting. I wonder if the clicking sound I used to hear was something trying to reproduce that tone? Not sure if this was brought up or if anyone thought of this. Sorry if this was brought up already.

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