Default [Q] mtk6575 note2 imei issues


I have an emei problem on my note 2 clone mtk6575

after searching and flashing and modding and learning , i have been able to boot android on this device after it got bricked while READING memory/nand from SP flash tool!!!

Now no emei , no baseband , and i do not even know were to start.

Tried mobile uncle tools, engineering mod , its says radio on , absent , but the AT command failed to send.
tried mtk droid tools , to restore my nvram.bin and .tar , and even to set the imei , its says pttycmd1 not found and nothing happens.
tried spflash tool , edited scatter file to enable nvram to show up , loaded the nvram image , but the spflash starts speaking about layouts , formatted , and used firmware upgrade mod , got an error , with no text string to explain.
tried to copy the nvram files from stock rom via adb , restarted , still the same.
logcat shows something about nvram like nvram not ready , nothing else , neither do dmesg.
the partition is mounted , or i wouldn't see the files under /data/nvram right? so mtd2 is not corrupted.
tried all the flashing tools , Maui META 3G , sn write tool , imei&sn writer .... all with the same issue:
the device goes into meta mode , and the cdc drivers are installed , detected and loaded with given virtual com port , but the utilities are all getting time out , they are sending commands to device but device is not answering , and the strange thing is i can adb shell to it , with aprox all stuff mounted , and no nothing in dmesg regarding modem , nvram , radio , usb ....

I have also tried a lot of other stuff , like copying my stock modem.img , resetting permissions under nvram , using write memory of SPFT to write the raw data of my stock nvram to nvram address ..... i do not know what i might be doing wrong as well as what i am exactly doing lol

I hope someone is actually having this issue or not but might be able to give a clue on what to do , since the past 2 month and thanks to the xda developpers forums and wikis i have diged into android, ported recoveries roms boot.img's , and just do not want to go for compiling kernels and building android from scratch yet...

Thanks in advance