Unhappy [Q] Calendar Sync Error, not the usual one.

When I sync my google account it says sync error with the red symbol,BUT it does in fact sync everything and I have all my contacts and apps and stuff.
All of the sync arrow cycles seems to go through, next to the check boxes, they're all fine EXCEPT, there is no option for "Sync Google Calendar" ... This is where my issue differs from ones I've seen.
YES I've tried removing and re-adding account, Re-installing Google Calendar AND making a new account and syncing that, new accounts made ALSO don't show "Sync Google Calendar".

With the chrome webapp for Google Calendar it does infact sync everything and that works through Chrome in that tiny interface. I also have all my desktop chrome bookmarks via the 2 step verification in chrome.

So my only issues are, the red error for Sync Google account and nothing showing for Google Calendar app.

When I click "Calendars to Sync" it just stays blank and loads forever, and I KNOW I have Calendars to sync since they DO show up on the webapp.

Error says:

"Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly"

Please Help.