Video [Q] Suggestions for a video? - I've got a camera and an Xperia S left over!

Hey Xperia loving folks!

Two months ago, I decided to post a video of my Xperia S running one of the first stable KitKat ROMs on YouTube. To my surprise, that video has been watched (almost) twelve thousand times already (even though I don't like that video since it's too amateuristic)!
Apparently, there is still a lot of interest in the Xperia S.

Since I have a camera and since I'd love to learn more about videography (I'm really into photography right now, planning on doing more though), making videos for you, yes you, would be ideal for both of us!
Back to my question: do you have any suggestions as to what I could show you on my Xperia S? I've done a horrible walkthrough of the first stable KitKat ROM already, and I've made a comparison video between the Xperia S and my new Xperia Z1 (which, surprisingly, did not seem to attract a lot of viewers at all).

If you'd like to see something, preferrably something that does not require root or kernel changes, I'd love to know!
I could root my phone again, flash a kernel and a ROM, but that'll take quite some time, which I don't really have anymore now that I'm very busy with my studies for Artificial Intelligence.

P.S. Here's the link to the horrible KitKat walkthrough, and here is the S vs. Z1 comparison, which is a little less amateuristic.

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