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So last month, on my bill's due date (the 10th), my data (3G and 2G) completely shut off for almost a whole day (not voice, not SMS). Nothing would turn it back on, until it came back on its own. Now it's the 10th again and I've had no data all day. I am flashed over a Sanyo Incognito. So I try to call Boost and tell them the situation. They want me to call back from a different number because they insist that I exhaust every single option, as though I don't know how to troubleshoot my own phone. I call back from my phone again, and ask for a profile update (I have tried manually, it is impossible over wifi). She tells me she can't do anything, until I am talking to her on another phone. I ask her again nicely "can't you just force a profile update right now, or after I hang up?" she responds", I can't".

So it looks like my only option is flashing a stock ROM, entering DIAG, and re-programming cellular data (I am not even sure this will fix it, the problem seems to be on their side). Any other thoughts, that could perhaps make my life easier? I would greatly appreciate it.
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