Default [Q] Bluetooth issues after 4.3 update

Well, 4.3 has been horrible for my Pebble.

It keeps disconnecting every few minutes and reconnecting. My wireless also drops a lot. Has anyone else experienced Bluetooth issues?
Past Phone Breakdown:

Samsung BlackJack 2 (ever reliable)
Samsung Mythic (Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy)
Samsung Captivate (problematic)
Samsung Infuse (Great day to day use phone, first since BlackJack 2 with no major issues)
Samsung SGS2 LTE Skyrocket (Pretty cool, drained a lot of battery.)
Samsung SGS3 (Got a free upgrade. No issues with it all. In my opinion, the first polished smartphone)

Samsung SGS4 Active

As you can tell, I am a Samsung phone guy.