Default [Q] Root HTC One with Mac OS Mavericks

I recently purchased a HTC One and it's T-Mobile branded, so I wanna Root my phone to get updates faster and be able to run apps with Airplay and stuff.

The problem I (and many other Mavericks users) have is with the Android File Transfer software.
I can install and rut it, but it won't recognize my HTC One. It keeps giving the same message about how I need
to connect my HTC One.

There are workarounds to acces the files (like connecting via WiFi through an IP-address or use the HTC software), but I think it's not possible to root the phone without direct acces to the files as with AFT, or is it?

I wanna make sure I can run the script before I brick my phone.

Can any of you guys confirm I can run the script without AFT?