Default TiVo app not working?

I just got a Galaxy Note 3, and the official TiVo app for android won't connect anymore. On my previous phone (S3), which still works on WiFi, it says my TiVo box is "Ready" and I can just tap it to connect to my box. Same goes for my wife's Note 2. We both have the Verizon flavor of the phone.

On my new phone, it says "Not complete" and prompts me for my Media Access Key. I have entered it a BUNCH of times, so I'm sure I'm getting it right... but eventually it tells me it could not connect ("Box Not Responding"), and offers to retry. (I've even copied and pasted the MAK from the working unofficial app -- more on that below -- so I'm 100% sure I'm typing it in correctly.)

Since I have edited the DPI on my phone, I have tried both the tablet and regular versions of the app, with similar negative results... though both of the apps stop me when I open them to say that the app was designed for a device with different resolutions. (Could this be a problem with connecting?) After I tap "continue anyway" the app opens as normal.

For the record, I also have DVR Commander (unofficial TiVo app) installed, and when I enter the Media Access Key, I'm able to sign into my TiVo, and use that app to the fullest extent. In other words, the unofficial app works, but the official app does not. I don't get it.

Do any Note 3 users out there have a TiVo, and similar issues? I have a Premiere XL, if that matters.