Battery Low [Q] MZ601 Not Charging

I disassembled and repaired a Motorola Xoom I bought off a friend for cheap as it had a cracked screen. I have repaired it, and everything was great until I noticed it wasn't charging on the charger. Now, the difference is that it's not like the other not charging issues. The charger works fine, as evidenced by the "charging" on the lock screen. Also, AC is registered as connected in an app, but the battery is registered as "not charging". Logically, it's not a battery issue, as the battery still gives power when not on charge. Nor is it a connector issue due to the AC being recognised and the charge just sitting at its level when on charger. When in RSD mode it also states that OneWire is not connected? I wasn't sure on what that was. Is it something I've stuffed when I put it together?