Default [Q] Odin giving "repartition operation failed" when attempting to recover GP5?

I have been trying to get my Galaxy Player 5.0 YP-G70 out of S5PC110 development mode following the link provided by Meticulus (thanks!!!). When I use UnBrickable Resurrector and select Galaxy Player, it still shows as S5PC110 device connected after going through the process and gives a USB error when I try to connect to the Win7 machine, however if I select Galaxy S, it shows as a Samsung device and appears in Odin in Win7.

My problem is now this - when I get to Odin and try to repartition according to Adam Outler's directions here: I get the "repartition operation failed" message.

Is there any way to get into download mode in Linux rather than switching to Odin?

**I had asked the same question in my original post asking for help with getting out of development mode here:, but since I'm now stuck at a different place in the process I was starting a new thread. Feel free to delete if I'm out of line. Appreciate all the help I've gotten so far.