Unhappy [Q] Weired tablet Y27B (Y88) - General Questions

This is first time that I see something like this.

I dumped ROM, but ROM is without Recovery.img and without Boot.img. I done it with two different tools (roamdupm is one) and result is same.

However, tablet has the Recovery, but accessible just from PC (with dev mode activated).

OS is 4.1 cooked by chinese and has the problems with permissions what place him in infinitive loop. That can be fixed, but with factory reset appear again.

Chinese made bad job, as OS is with busybox, primary rooted (twice) and after cooking unrooted (two MySyoeruser.apk with 0 KB). Busysbox serve now for boot (dynamically switching dev). In other words, it is possible during boot loop to reboot in recovery via ADB (some custom recovery also has the option for update.zip install via ADB in recovery mode!!!).


01) How to detect and extract boot and recovery IMG?

02) How to add button combinations for triggering recovery from device button combinations (MOST IMPORTANT!!!)?

03) Can I try to flash tablet with some other Y88 OS like Dragon Touch® (what is the risk?) as it is basically 100% sure that chinese dont makes some significant differences in device structure (wifi, camera, display, ...).

REASONS - BENEFITS to flash with other OS

- More stable OS (without this weired cooking).
- Maybe I can get normal recovery with button combination (am I wtong?).