Default [Q] My app suspended from Google Play Developer Console

I am one of those that created a flappy bird copy called Flappy Cat, and it had over 75k installs and then it got suspended. I didn't get any email about anything except an email from a random person with the subject of "Flappy Cat" and the text is "Pp" which doesn't make any sense in any way... from this email: I don't believe this has anything to do with the game taken down, but this is the only thing I've got of any sign about my game taken down.

If my game gets taken down, I will work against these games:
and a lot more!

All codes in my app were coded by me, and all graphics are created by me, except the nyancat itself. so that copyright should be right(except the cat)

Could someone point me to where, how I can work to get my app up again? or contact Google in some way?